Functional Art
Who says you can't have beautiful things that are useful around your home? On this page we're introducing some new projects that take all the gorgeous techniques applied to glass and resin art pieces and transforms them into useful pieces for your home. Trivets, coasters, and lazy susans are just the start! For most of these pieces, we can customize colors, logos, monograms, and other additions to make these great gifts for work parties and other types of celebrations. Or, you can add your company logo and give them to your customers! Contact us for your custom ideas and we'll work with you to create one-of-a-kind gifts.

*All trivets and coasters are rated to 500 degrees Farenheit due to the resin products that we use. For reference, that is usually strong enough to take a hot cup of coffee or tea from the microwave, but NOT strong enough to take a hot pan from the oven/stove. Please keep that in mind as you review these pieces as they are not guaranteed beyond 500 degrees Farenheit.
  1. Ocean Themed Trivets
    Ocean Themed Trivets
  2. Tile Coasters
    Tile Coasters
  3. Fire Themed Trivets
    Fire Themed Trivets
  4. Galaxy Themed Trivets
    Galaxy Themed Trivets
  5. Decal Trivets (Dragon example)
    Decal Trivets (Dragon example)
  6. Decal Trivets (Dragon Example)
    Decal Trivets (Dragon Example)
  7. Trivets
  8. Round Coasters
    Round Coasters
  9. Large Style Trivets
    Large Style Trivets