Glass Panels
Mosaic, Stained Glass, Glass Collage, Acrylic Pours, and Resin art - all techniques used to create these unique panels. Each piece is a unique composition and almost all pieces contain some type of recycled glass or recycled substrate. I enjoy using resin to finish these pieces and seal in the color and vibrancy of the glass, paint, or pigments used to transform each piece into something charming, beautiful, and eye catching. If you have an idea that you'd like to see tranformed into glass, let me know how and we can create something amazing together!
  1. Mosaic Twist Tree of Life (Fall)
    Mosaic Twist Tree of Life (Fall)
    This mosaic piece combines some of my favorite colors of the fall season. The twisty branches and flashes of red color remind me of leaves blowing and create a great sense of movement. Pictures do not do this piece justice! This piece is sealed with resin to ensure the colors of this glass and grout are preserved forever.
  2. Abstract Agate
    Abstract Agate
    This piece incorporates a lovely green agate as the focal point for all these amazing colors coming together. It reminds me of the sea and wind roaring!
  3. Jellies
    This glass collage takes bits of broken wine glasses and hand cut stained glass to the sea to create a mesmerizing scene of jellyfish floating together. Set on a recycled MDF substrate, this piece is also coated with a shiny resin finish to make it look like the bubbles and water will just pop off the surface! You have to touch it to believe it!
  4. Turtles on the Pacific Drift
    Turtles on the Pacific Drift
    This mosaic and resin sculpted piece combines the best parts of painting, mixed media, and glass mosaic. The glass pieces are adhered to a painted glass background and then mixed media techniques are applied to give the turtles some great depth. Next, a coat of clear resin helps all the colors pop and resume their color when wet. You can't help but try to touch this piece to see if the bubbles will pop!
  5. Seahorse in Coral
    Seahorse in Coral
    This beautiful seahorse is floating along surrounded by the colors of a coral reef. The bubbles surrounding him make it feel like he's actually floating peacefully right by. A mesmerizing piece that can't help but bring a smile to your face!